Transformational Coaching and Business

Transformational Coaching and Business

The word ‘transformational’ is common in business today, and it certainly fits for the state of the world. If you Google the term, you’ll receive over 71 million results. No wonder. Business transformation is a mandate that requires continuous attention from leaders.

The definition of transformation is to change form. Change is constant and rapid. Those who are resilient yet focused, aligned yet flexible, and committed to business success beyond just financial gains are poised for long-term viability.

One of the most prominent ways the idea of transformation is used in business is through transformational leadership. Essentially, transformational leadership is used by leaders whose goal is to enhance the motivation, morale, and job performance of their colleagues.

But what does transformational coaching have to do with business?

For business leaders to change, they first must be capable of learning. Learning, defined is the capacity to do something in the future that cannot be done now. For an organization to be transformational in nature, it must first have a culture of learning. A learning culture is essential for leaders to effectively focus, have resiliency, and understand that actions must align with desired results.

“In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer

Coaching is a powerful leadership development resource that supports leaders in generating and sustaining a learning environment. Coaching, by definition, is transformational if the coach is masterful in linking the leaders’ thoughts, beliefs and actions to the organization’s goals. To do this, the coach must understand the principles of learning, thus transformation.

For a leader to learn, he must first be vulnerable, have the ability to say ‘I don’t know’, and have the patience to gain new knowledge. For a coach to facilitate learning, he first must be a learner himself. He needs a healthy dose of compassion and perspective to permit his client to explore, experiment, fail, and then succeed. It is a process that demands time, heart, and confidence.

So the notion of transformation is far from a cliché when one understands its full implication. The Transformational Coaching Program prepares coaches to produce sustainable learning in individuals and organizations.

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-Micki McMillan