Our Stand for Social Justice

International Coaching Federation has taken a bold stand for Social Justice. Blue Mesa Coaching is proud to stand for Social Justice as well, and commit to putting our words into action:

We value belonging and we embrace differences, whether those differences are obvious or subtle.  We strive to create conditions for growth, shared respect and mutual understanding. We recognize that inclusivity is a continuous and evolving process which relies on open communication and learning from everyone. We pledge to listen, learn, engage and act in ways that require equitable and inclusive interactions.

We are committed to pursuing a deeper connection with ourselves and others in our journey towards diversity, equity and inclusion. We constantly strive to create safe spaces for learning, welcoming people through an authentic celebration of our differences. Social justice is our guiding principle as we make decisions that embrace our humanity and reflect dignity. Belonging, equity and inclusion shine proudly through our decisions and teachings. We do our utmost to put dignity and respect into action in all we do.