Elevate Your Potential Through Coaching

Elevate Your Potential Through Coaching

We have served as coaches and coach trainers for over 30 years. In that time, we have seen our clients elevate their potential in both their personal and professional lives.

Excellent Coaching Produces Sustainable Transformation That Brings Hope to the World

This is why we have devoted our time to training coaches who understand the human condition and appreciate all that it takes for sustained change. It is also why numerous organizations have used Blue Mesa Coaching to develop internal coaching capability.

We are a constellation of former senior executives and leaders with experience spanning industries and continents. We have learned that no matter what the goal, obstacle, or conflict, people are the most important variable determining organizational success or failure. Coaching promotes strategic thinking about people – valuing them as human resources. The result is individual and organizational resilience and achievement.




Patricia Barlow, MCC

President and Founding Partner

Pat brings extensive global business background to Blue Mesa Coaching. As a fully committed professional, Pat is the co-director for the Transformational Coaching Program, approved ICF Mentor Coach, and an ICF Assessor. Pat is fluent in Spanish and works easily with multi-cultural clients. Pat is a life-long learner who uses music, art, and nature to advance her understanding of the human condition.


Micki McMillan, M.Ed., MCC

CEO and Founding Partner

Micki is a teacher of coaches. She brings her diverse experience as an operations executive and an international executive coach to all aspects of Blue Mesa Coaching. She is an ICF Assessor, approved Mentor Coach, Chair of the ICF Global Training Board, and co-director for the Transformational Coaching Program. She integrates lessons from her personal study of nature and science with Blue Mesa Coaching.




Lesa Becker, Ph.D., RN, PCC

Lesa believes you can make a difference in the world, one conversation at a time. Her journey into the coaching field was inspired by the work and teachings of Blue Mesa Coaching’s Transformational Coaching Program. In her quest to find meaning and purpose in life, she finds lessons in the beauty of nature, her spirituality, and through her connections with others.

Her doctoral dissertation on the impact of information overload invites people to find balance in their lives by managing the use of information technology. It’s all about making a conscious choice – to prioritize people over technology, to engage in meaningful conversation, and to pause, reflect, learn and grow.


Karen Romero, BSN, MBA, PCC

Karen brings a comprehensive healthcare and information technology leadership background to Blue Mesa Coaching. She is a dedicated partner with corporate clients aspiring to large-scale organizational transformation and process improvement and individuals, desiring personal, professional growth.  Karen is a practicing yogi and student of meditation, bringing an east meets west approach to Blue Mesa Coaching.


Craig Wright MD, ACC

Craig brings over 20 years of experience as a healthcare- and physician-executive to his coaching.  He has held several operational and corporate level positions, and now finds passion in coaching leaders to develop personally and professionally in complex environments. He especially enjoys working with emerging and senior level managers who are in growth phases or transitions. Craig is a board certified Family Physician who lives in Portland, Oregon.



Abby Veliquette, Ph.D., PCC

Abby is a dynamic teacher and skilled coach who loves helping others root down into their values so that they can take on new challenges. She draws on ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector, managing volunteer training, recruitment, and retention. She also serves as an instructor in Organizational Communication and Business at Colorado State University.



Jason Veliquette, MA, PCC

Jason is an energetic leader who brings out the best  in others.  During the decade he spent leading volunteer teams in a large non-profit organization, he developed skills  as a leader, coach, teacher and speaker. Jason is the program manager of the Transformational Coaching Program, and an approved Mentor Coach with ICF. He loves his work as a leadership coach and consultant, and he has a knack for identifying the strengths and challenges of leaders who seek to become their best.