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We provide leadership coaching, consulting, training and team building programs for leaders in top organizations who strive
to be innovative, creative, customer focused and fulfilled while continually growing and sharpening their skills.

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Starting Fall 2024
Transformational Coaching Program
Approved ICF Level 2 Accreditation Coach Training
Approved ICF Level 2 Accreditation

Transformational Coaching Program

You are self-directed and interested in earning an ICF credential. You want to expand your capacity as a coach. Our Transformational Coaching Program will meet your needs.
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Advanced Coaching Skills

You are a seasoned leadership or executive coach. You value continuous improvement and professional development, and want to engage in a meaningful learning community.
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Mentor Coaching

You are a coach who wants to enhance your skills. You are seeking an ICF credential. You want to achieve the next level of certification.
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Transformational Coaching Program
Starting October 2024

Elevate Your Potential and Elevate Yourself

Watch our coaching videos and instructional materials to understand how you can do more with yourself. With Blue Mesa Coaching, our goal is to motivate and inspire you to become the best that you can be as a coach, leader, and person.

Our Accreditation

The Transformational Coaching Program is ICF Level 2 Accredited Coaching Education program.

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“The curriculum, instructors, mentors, and support far-exceeded my expectations. I earned my ACC because of the Transformational Coaching Program and use coaching every day in my responsibilities of L&OD for a large Fortune 200 company. I have become a trusted internal coach to my organization's executives. I credit much of this work to what I learned and continue to learn from Blue Mesa Coaching.”
-Rebecca Magnotta, Senior Manager, Learning and Organizational Development