“The Transformational Coaching Program triggered an awakening in my life. Both personally and professionally, I have learned to claim and harness my personal power while remaining a humble learner. I’m incredibly comfortable in my own skin, and committed to helping others achieve this sense of peace and purpose in every aspect of their lives.”
~ Tonya Wells Vice President, Federal Advocacy

“I came into the Transformational Coaching Program with 20+ years of leadership experience and I have learned more through this program than I have in many others of my master’s level classes. I am a much better leader and coach because of this program.”
~ Kim Chamberlin – Vice President, Patient Services & Chief Nursing Officer

“The Transformational Coaching Program is tried and true based in research, history, and facilitated by masterful coaches. The network and level of graduates is second to none when it comes to coach training programs.”
~ Carmen DeHart, University of Missouri – Director of the Office of Research and Economic Development

“What I encountered with Blue Mesa Group is master coaches with years of experience in both private coaching and working within organizations. They’re the real deal and it was moving to have the opportunity to learn from them every step of the way.”
~ Jan Sugar

“I believe that Blue Mesa Group has the best design and training for true change through coaching – both personally and organizationally.”
~ Kathryn Simon

“My life was enriched spiritually, mentally, & physically throughout this program. This program helped me be a better person, which makes me a better coach for clients. I’ve known colleagues that have gone through university coaching programs and I believe they are missing out on what Blue Mesa Group has to offer.”
~ Toni Green- Vice President Diversity & Inclusion

“Blue Mesa’s curriculum, instructors, mentors and support far-exceeded my expectations. I earned my Associate Certified Coach (ACC ) because of this program, and coach every day in my Learning and Organizational Development (L & OD) role for a large Fortune 200 company. I have become a trusted internal coach to my organization’s executives, and credit much of this work to what I learned and continue to learn from Blue Mesa Coaching.”
~ Rebecca Magnotta, Senior Manager